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We offer support in analysis of cryoEM data by a number of commonly used software packages. If desired, we can inspect your data together and select the most promising approach.

We’re open to interact with users from academia and industry equally well. In any case, we will not ask you to disclose our service. Recommend us if you were happy!

As most of our service can be accomplished remotely we do not rely on dedicated office or lab spaces. We try to save resources and minimize travels, however if needed we are happy to meet in person.

Yes, we offer training on all aspects of single particle cryoEM including vitrification, data acquisition and analysis. Where possible, remote sessions are preferred however on-site training can be negotiated.

Definitely. Analyzing cryoEM data is our daily business. We benefit from years of experience in data analysis and iterative sample optimization.

Currently, we focus on consulting and advice in all aspects of your cryoEM project. We can not prepare your samples or grids at the moment.

We can recommend facilities that offer data acquisition as a service but currently, we can not supply instrument time. If needed we can consult during session setup or advise on operation of the instrument.

We can not offer fixed prices as the effort highly depends on your project. Our service is customized for each client and project and will be charged fully transparently. Let’s have a chat, tell us your needs for a quick quotation.

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